We are committed to reduce our impact on the planet. Last year, we stopped using plastic straws and introduced sustainable paper straws. Recently, we have switched to primarily compostable waste in the cafe. Almost everything used and served in the cafe is either compostable, recyclable or re-useable. Our landfill waste has been reduced to almost nothing!

“Good Things come in NO PACKAGES” - Introducing ZERO WASTE product section in the market

  • Reusable bags for produce, bread and shopping.

  • Shampoo Bars

  • Alternatives to plastic wrap.

  • No Plastic personal products such as Dental Floss (glass bottles with silk refillable floss).

  • Lip balm and deodorant in paper containers,

  • Lotion in metal containers.

  • Reusable coffee drink lids for mason jars, etc.

  • Metal containers with reusable silicon tops.

  • We are continually finding new options and products to grow this section.

We compost

Paper Straws

Strawless+Ocean Straws.jpg

We introduced paper straws awhile back. The paper takes a bit getting used to, but we love them. Plus, we buy only US Made, sustainable paper with non-toxic inks. And to make things even better, our straws support the Strawless Ocean Foundation. Yay paper straws.

Though many places use compostable straws, they are only compostable if placed into a commercial composting system (not your backyard compost). If you put compostable straws in the trash, they will end up in the ocean with all they’re plastic straw cousins.